What’s new in MongoDB 3.0.8

On December 16 2016, MongoDB 3.0.8 was out and is ready for production deployment. This release contains only fixes since 3.0.7, and the MongoDB Team recommends upgrade for all 3.0 users.

MongoDB 3.0.8 includes a critical fix for SERVER-21275: when using the WiredTiger storage engine, a race condition may prevent locally committed documents from being immediately visible to subsequent read operations. This bug may have an impact on both server and application operations.

All MongoDB 3.0 users running the WiredTiger storage engine are advised to upgrade to 3.0.8.

SERVER-21275 has additional information

Also fixed in this release:

SERVER-20303 Negative scaling at low thread count under WiredTiger when inserting large documents
SERVER-21027 Reduced performance of index lookups after removing documents from collection
SERVER-21553 Oplog grows to 3x configured size
SERVER-2454 Queries that are killed during a yield should return error to user instead of partial result set
SERVER-20407 findAndModify on mongoS can upsert to the wrong shard
TOOLS-939 Error restoring database “insertion error: EOF”


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