Greenplum Database patch release

Greenplum Database released on January 2016 is a patch release that resolves a known issue and includes a server configuration parameter. Please refer to the following sections for more information about this release.

New Parameter
Greenplum Database supports the server configuration parameter writable_external_table_bufsize. The parameter controls the size of the buffer that Greenplum Database uses when communicating with the gpfdist utility for writable external tables.

Size of the buffer (in KB) that Greenplum Database uses for network communication, such as the gpfdist utility and web external tables (that use http). Greenplum Database stores data in the buffer before writing the data out.

Resolved Issues in Greenplum Database

In some cases, Greenplum Database utility gpcrondump performance was poor because the utility was performing checks for database metadata, such as indexes and triggers, on both the Greenplum Database segments and the master. Performance has been improved by not performing the checks on the segments.


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