How to install Perforce Client(P4V) on Windows

How to install Perforce Source Control Client P4V on Windows

This tutorial explains how to install Perforce Client P4V, a Software Configuration Management (SCM) system based on a client/server architecture.

Key concepts about Perforce Client P4V

  • P4V, the Perforce Visual Client, provides quick and easy access to versioned files through a graphical interface
  • Users can work on files in local client workspaces
  • Create a new Perforce Workspace
  • Add files and Commit
  • Check Out and make changes
  • Submit changes
  • Revert unwanted changes
  • Edit Workspace and Client Mappings
  • Show History
  • Provide a flexible UI for branching and merging
  • Depot Browser

This article belongs to a 7 -part series on Understanding Perforce Source Control P4D Server in Windows Operating System

Read part one on installing the Perforce Server P4D.

Installing P4V Client- Some Diagrams

Here are the steps to install the 32bit Perforce Client on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

Step 1.Select the Operating System platform and Download the Perforce Client from here. I am installing version 2011.1/428988 downloaded on April 5 2012.

Perforce Client Download

Step 2. Double click on p4vinst.exe program and start the Installation process. Perforce Client Components Setup prepares the InstallShield Wizard, which will guide you through the program setup process.

Perforce Client Initialising install

Step 3. Select the default options once the installation process starts to install the Server(P4V) and the command line Client P4

Perforce Client Visual Components

Step 4. Add the port number used by client applications to connect to this server.  Browse and Select the Install Directory or choose default options.

Perforce Server Port

Step 5. The next step is the Client Configuration. Enter the port, text editing application and the user name for connecting to the Perforce server.

Perforce Client Configuration

Step 6. Start the Perforce Client Installation on Windows.

Perforce Client Installation start process

Step 7. Initialising the Perforce Client Installation Steps.

Perforce Server Installation Setup

Step 8. Finish Installing the Perforce Client on Windows 7 Ultimate

Finish the Perforce Server Installation P4D on Windows

How to use the Perforce Client Connection Setup Wizard to checkin files

Step 1. First Steps – Run the Perforce Client Connection setup Wizard from Start–> Programs –> P4V

p4v run connection setup wizard

Step 2. P4V can detect the servers on the network.  Choose a server from the list or enter your connection settings manually

perforce client connection wizard 1

Step 3. Connect to the Server with an existing username or create a new one

perforce client connection wizard

Step 4. Create a new Workspace. Specify the location of the workspace

perforce client connection wizard

Step 5. The Perforce Client Connection setup Wizard finishes.

perforce client connection wizard

Step 6. You can now add a few files to the Perforce version control repository

Add Files to Perforce Server

Step 7.  I am adding a few of my log files to the workspace

perforce client connection wizard

Step 8. Click Finish to add your files

Ready to Add Files to the Perforce Server

Step 9. SUCCESS – You have successfully installed the Perforce Client P4V, configured it to connect to the Perforce Server P4D. You have also created a workspace and added a few files. Next read the tutorial on Working with Files on Perforce.

Perforce Client Installation on Windows P4V on Windows

Try it Out

Next Steps

  • Create your Workspaces and Add Files to your Perforce Source Control System. Full tutorial is in Part III

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